What is HIIT?

What is HIIT?
(HIIT) is an advanced form of interval training and is a form of cardiovascular exercise. We use alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Usually HiiT sessions may last anything from 4-30 minutes. The majority of the workouts I provide will be set for a time of about 20 minutes. These form of workouts provide improved fat burning,  glucose metabolism and improved athletic capacity.

A HiiT workout consists of a warm up period of exercise, followed by a period of high intensity exercise intervals which are separated by medium intensity exercise for recovery. Finally a HiiT exercise ends with a period of cool down exercise. The high intensity exercise should be done at almost maximum intensity. The medium exercise should be about 50% intensity.

Basic principle of a HiiT Workout:

Warm up for 3 minutes
Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds
You should feel like you couldn’t possibly go on for another few seconds
Recover for 90 seconds, still moving, but at slower pace and decreased resistance
Repeat the high-intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times
Cool down for a few minutes by dropping the intensity by 50-80%

(When you’re first starting out, you might only be able to complete two or three repetitions of the high-intensity intervals. As you get fitter, just keep adding repetitions until you’re doing 8 during your 20-minute session)

Due to it being so intense, HiiT should only be done two to three times per week.