Man Boobs, Estrogen/Oestrogen Mimickers and BPA


Man Boobs, Estrogen/Oestrogen and BPA

Apart from simply excess fat, another thing to consider regarding man boobs is the amount of Estrogen Mimickers that we are absorbing from our environment.
These are chemicals that look enough like real Estrogen to fool our bodies into making hormonal changes

Men do produce a small amount of Estrogen in our bodies but we make predominantly testosterone.

Estrogen is a female hormone and it’s becoming increasingly widespread around our environment, food & drinks. It’s changing the balance of hormones in men, giving us larger breasts, smaller muscles, larger bellies, and less sex drive.

Hormones are used to make young animals gain weight faster. This makes the wait time shorter for animals to get slaughtered, which in turn reduces the amount of feed the animals need to eat throughout their life span. In dairy cows, hormones can be used to increase milk production. We end up consuming the hormones when we eat the meat or drink the milk.

Chickens, cows, pigs and even fish farmers are among those which use such hormones.

Another culprit is BPA (Bisphenol A)

BPA is found in a variety of items and foods, including but not limited to:

Food containers (disposable and reusable)
Epoxy resins
Water bottles (and other plastics)
Canned food
Paper money

Also, BPA (and its close cousin, BPS chemical) has been linked with the following conditions:

Breast cancer
Fertility problems
Feminization of boys
Accelerated maturation in girls
Depression and hyperactivity

BPA leaches into plastic when they are heated in microwaves.
99% of all plastic bottles in North America contain BPA.

Another source of Estrogen includes pesticides and gardening chemicals.

  • Try to eat organic food, meats, vegetables and dairy products whenever possible.
  • Avoid exposure to pesticides and gardening chemicals.
  • Don’t drink from any plastic bottle that has been heated up. (eg: A plastic drink bottle left in the sun)
  • Don’t use plastic containers in the microwave.
  • Buy yourself a BPA free water bottle for drinking water on the go.

Some methods to naturally reverse the effects of BPA can be found here

I’m not saying that this is the only cause of the dreaded man boobs, but it’s certainly something worth taking into consideration.


Tips to reduce your Man Boobs:

Your posture: Working your upper back muscles and stretching your chest (pecs) will help to make your shoulders less slouched (Rounded Shoulders)
Lose Fat: By diet and exercise. Losing fat in general from your body will reduce the size of man boobs
Build Muscle: The more muscle mass you have, the more efficiently your body will burn fat. In return you will begin to achieve a more masculine chest. Don’t just focus on your chest, this will not achieve what you are looking to do. You need to a follow a full body Strength Training routine.